domingo, 30 de maio de 2010

Palmeiras X Prudente

This Saturday Palmeiras played against Gremio Prudente at Arena Barueri that will be Palmeiras´ new home stadium because Paletra Italia is being reformed. The match was terrible Palmeiras and Prudente didn´t score any goals ending the match 0 to 0. Palmeiras played a terrible match and if the club wants to be suceessful in the league they will have to play way much better. After the World Cup Palmeiras made an offer fro Cruzeiro´s striker Kleber paying 3 million euros to the club. Palmeiras needs to bring some new players to reinfornce the team in order to classify for Libertadores. Palmeiras siad other names as well like Luis Felipe Scolari who was Palmeiras coach in 1999 and the midfielder Alex who is now 33 years old and played for the club in the past. Another player that the club has in mind is Valdivia who was Palmeiras´ star in 2006/2007. Palmeiras´ next game is against Flamengo and the club is really looking forward to win the match to give the team a boost to end up well before the tournament stops for the World Cup.

sexta-feira, 21 de maio de 2010

Antonio Carlos and Robert got fired

Palmeiras traveled to Rio to play againt Vasco da Gama. Before the match the head coach Antonio Carlos Zago and Palmeiras´ striker Robert started to argue. Due to the clubs crisis Robert got very depressed and drank a lot one day before the match. Antonio Carlos and Robert started to argue and both of them started to call each other names. Some say that they even assaulted one another. The match ended 0 to 0 and both of them got fired due to their immaturity. Palmeiras is in a big crisis and the club is having dificulties to get out of it. Palmeiras is loooking for new players and a coach to came after the world cup. Felipão was Palmeiras coach in 1999 and he won the Libertadores with the club and the team really want´s him to be head coach. Other players that played in the club in the past might return. Palmeiras really wants Valdivia that is a brilliant midfielder. Alex from Fenerbahçe from Turkey want´s to return to the club as well. Alex played for Palmeiras in 1999 and won the Libertadores cup. Kleber who is currently playing in Cruzeiro is another player that the cluub is looking forward to have to replace Robert. I believe that Palmeiras will be leaving this crisis very soon.

quinta-feira, 13 de maio de 2010

Diego Souza is Leving the Club

Palmeiras best midfielder Diego Souza is leaving the club due to his inapropriate gesture to the fans. Diego Souza´s future is undefined but Traffic want´s to sell him to a club in the exterior. A team from Qatar offered 5,4 million euros and Traffic is thinking on selling him to the club. Corinthians who just lost Libertadores also showed signs of interest in the young midfielder making an offer of 4 million reais. The club wanted the player to apoligize to the fans through the media but he denied. Diego Souza said that he was injured so he would not play agianst Atletico- Go for Copa do Brazil but he didn´t show up to recover from his injury meaning that he was faking his injury so he wouldn´t play. Diego Souza just got his salary cut sue to the number of times that he didn´t appear in practice. Diego is in the club since 2008 playing more than 100 games for the club. Diego Souza at the end of last year had a chance to play in Brazils national team against Bolivia. He did not perform well and Dunga who is Brazil´s coach never called him agian. Traffic payed 10 million reais to Gremio which is the players´ club before he came to Palmeirs. The future of the club is not yet decided.

domingo, 2 de maio de 2010

Palmeiras X Atletico-Go

This Thursday Palmeiras played against Atletico-Go in their home stadium Palestra Italia. Palmeiras didn´t play a good match but was able to win due to a penalty kick at the last minute of the match. Marcos Assunção was playing his first match for the club anf he really wanted to start well atr the club. Robert was substituted during the second half and the fans started to insult him due to his week performance. Diego Souza who is Palmeiras best midfielder also did not play well and was substituted during the second half. When he was being substituted the fans started to insult him due to his weak performance. Diego Souza didn´t handle the situation very well and he showed his middle finger to the fans making them more nervous and mad. Diego Souza was very immature and Antonio Carlos Palmeiras head coach did not like Diego´s decision and he got very mad at him because he didnt have the right to do that.The stadium was very full. There were about 24,000 fans at the stadium trying to support the club in order for the club be succeesful at Copa do Brazil. At the last minute Paulo Henrique who came in for Diego Souza was tackled from behind and the referee awarded a penalty for Palmeiras. Cleiton Xavier was in charge of the kick and he scored ending the match one to zero for Palmeiras. This Monday Palmeiras will be traceling to Goias to play against Atletico at their home stadium and if Palmeiras really wants to go to the semi-finals Palmeiras will have to play very well in order to beat Atletico.

quarta-feira, 28 de abril de 2010

Palmeiras at Copa do Brasil

This thurday at 7:30 pm Palmeiras is playing agains Atletico-Go for Copa do Brasil at Palmeiras home stadium Palestra Italia. The stadium will be full reaching at least 20,000 people. This is the quarter final of the tournament and Palmeiras will give everythinh they have to be able to participate at Copa Libertadores next year. Marcos Assunção who is Palmeiras new defensive midfielder will be playing his first match for the club on Thursday. He says that he will help the club as much as possible. The club expects that the their fans come to the game in a big number. They said that they want to see at least 20,000 people in the match. If Palmeiras loosses this game with a score difference of two goals then Palmeiras is out of the tournamnet. But if Palmeiras wins the match which is what is expecyed by the fans the club will travel to Goias to play against Atletico at their home stadium. Many good teams are alive in the tournament and none of these teams will be giving the cup to Palmeiras. If Palmeiras really wants to win the tournament the team should give their best with obviously the support of the fans. Sometimes Palmeiras fans play against the team when the team does not show a good performance but I do not think that will be the case on Thursday.

terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010

Problems with Racism

Palmeiras played this week against Atletico Paranaense for Copa Do Brasil at Palestra Italia. Palmeiras won one to zero with a goal scored by Robert in the first half. In a corner for Atletico Paranaense Manoel who is the tems defender headbutted Danilo who is Palmeiras defender. Danilo got really mad and called Manoel a monkey due to his skin color. Later on Danilo spat on Manoel. Paulo Baier was sent of due to a foul in Danilo and when he was injured on the floor Manoel stepped on him. At the end of the game Atletico Paranaense wanted to put Danilo in jail due to his racist act on the field. Danilo recently apoligized to his team mated and especially to Manoel. ``Both of us are professionals and I didnt want to be racist. I was just really mad and it came out. I will never do it again. As a human I have the right to make mistakes and I apologize but I would like to hear it from Manoel. ´´Said Danilo. Danilo went to the police station in his own will to talk to a police officer of the case. He said that he didnt want to be racist and that he will never do it agian. Danilo and Manoel wont be able to play for a few games and Danilo will have to pay a large quantity of money. Both players did something that was unacceptable and they will have to deal with the consequences.

domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

A Terrible Match

Palmeiras tied zero to zero at Palestra Italia against Oeste. Palmeiras hevent been showing very good performances in these last matches and the fans are getting tired with the present situation. When Palmeiras doesnt show a vey good performance the fans start to play against the club putting a lot of pressure in the players especially on the best ones. Palmeiras played with their younger players due to the fact that the club is already out of the tournament so Antonio Carlos wants to show the fans that they will have brilliant players in the future. He is also letting the starters to take a day of due to the fact that the club will be playing against Atletico Paranaense for Copa do Brasil. Palmeiras is know at the tenth place of the tournament and has one more game to end the campeonato Paulista 2010 against Paulista from Jundiaí. The field of Palestra Italia wasnt in good conditions due to the rain so it is really hard for a club like Palmeiras that has very fast strikers to play on wet grass. Palmeiras tied for the seventh time in the tournament and the club entered in a crisis. Campeonato Paulista has many easy games from teames that play in the second or even third division of the Brasileirão and Palmeiras still lost many easy matches and tied many easy games as well. Antonio Carlos Zago says that the club is leaving this crisis and will win many matches in the Brasileirão and will have a very good campaign at Copa do Brasil.