domingo, 30 de maio de 2010

Palmeiras X Prudente

This Saturday Palmeiras played against Gremio Prudente at Arena Barueri that will be Palmeiras´ new home stadium because Paletra Italia is being reformed. The match was terrible Palmeiras and Prudente didn´t score any goals ending the match 0 to 0. Palmeiras played a terrible match and if the club wants to be suceessful in the league they will have to play way much better. After the World Cup Palmeiras made an offer fro Cruzeiro´s striker Kleber paying 3 million euros to the club. Palmeiras needs to bring some new players to reinfornce the team in order to classify for Libertadores. Palmeiras siad other names as well like Luis Felipe Scolari who was Palmeiras coach in 1999 and the midfielder Alex who is now 33 years old and played for the club in the past. Another player that the club has in mind is Valdivia who was Palmeiras´ star in 2006/2007. Palmeiras´ next game is against Flamengo and the club is really looking forward to win the match to give the team a boost to end up well before the tournament stops for the World Cup.

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